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Sword Persian functional, Shamshir

Sword Persian functional model Shamshir. The curved blade of the Shamshir had a narrow cross section and a sharp tip. Had a grip of cross bar of brass or simple steel and a handle equally simple made of wood or horn of an animal ending in a knob distinctly bulbous. This pommel was offset slightly to help the hand resist centrifugal force when making a blow hard court. Our replica comes with a blade made of carbon steel 1055. Includes sheath of black leather.

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Blade edge

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Windlass Steel Crafts

Data sheet

92 cm.
Blade long
77 cm.
802 gr.
Material hoja
Acero al carbono 1055
Reference Attributes Quantity Price
144860001 Blade edge: NO; 0
144860002 Blade edge: SI; 0
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