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Mask Templar Cross Reusable and Approved (for adults)

Mask Cross Knights Templar approved with certification. Our masks have been tested satisfactorily in terms of the criteria of breathability (differential pressure) and filtration efficiency bacterial according to standard en 14683:2019+AC 2019 by the laboratory AITEX with test number 2020TM1086. Complies with the filtration efficiency bacterial (BFE) 91,88 ± 3,29. In addition, the neoprene, stands the test of Breathability and Washes, with reference to the rules UNE0065-20.

  • Size adult: L (17x17 cm) / XL (19x19 cm)
  • Product supportive ❤ When you purchase one, you collaborate with the campaign #mascarillaSolidaria
  • Reusable more than 30 washes. Washable at 60º.
  • Filtration efficiency bacterial (BFE) 91,88 ± 3,29
  • Meets standards IN 14683:2019+AC 2019.
  • Treatment: waterproof and antibacterial.

All measures of these textile products are approximate and may be affected by the process of image transfer and preparation of the same.


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Masks of fabric custom

This protective mask, also known as face mask, cap, faces, mask, or mask to cover mouth, limits the transmission of infective agents exhaled by the user toward the environment and toward others, and also protect the transmission, by the saliva of sick people or carriers. This product has become popular in the wake of the health crisis caused by the virus COVID-19 (coronavirus), after which the authorities have recommended or even required to wear masks antivirus. This situation has increased the demand for face masks coronavirus to the face with the aim of protecting both the wearer as well as the rest of people who are less than 2 meters.

It includes salvaorejas with each mask

For each unit of mask reusable custom (adult or child) includes a free salvaorejas. This accessory allows you to adjust the tires in different positions, and helps to relieve the pressure of the rubber of the mask on the ears, as well as avoid the irritation in more sensitive skin.

The ends of the salvaorejas can be easily cut with scissors, to be able to adjust the size as needed by a smaller diameter of head (children, adolescents, etc.).

Cleaning and disinfection of masks hygienic reusable

You can use any of these methods:

  • Wash and disinfect the masks with normal laundry detergent and water at a temperature of between 60 ° and 90 ° (normal cycle of a washing machine).
  • Immerse the peels in a solution of bleach 1:50 with warm water for 30 minutes. After, wash with water and soap and rinse well to remove any remaining bleach. Let dry.
  • Using any of the products virucidas authorized by the Ministry of Health for PT2 (environmental use) that have passed the Standard 14476 activity virucidal, and that are registered for use by the general public. Its use will be according to the manufacturer's recommendations, paying special attention to the use diluted or not of the product, and the contact times necessary for the activity of disinfectant. Once disinfected masks, wash with plenty of soap and water to remove any remaining chemical and leave to dry.

Responsibility with the environment

The use of facemasks: washable and reusable option is the most respectful with the environment. The masks are disposable use and throw will cause more waste and pollution.

Security and protocols

We produce the mask of protection in our facilities, in compliance with the protocols and recommendations of the health agencies. Our first priority is the safety of employees, carriers and end customer.

Each mask is packed individually in plastic wrap closed.

Tips for fitting the mask correctly

  • The mask must be in contact with the skin, with no hair inside.
  • Washing hands with water and soap, or gel limpiamanos, before working.
  • The mask must completely cover the nose and mouth.
  • Avoid touching the mask in its inner part during the placement.
  • Holding by the part of the nose, stretching as much as possible to cover the chin.
  • Once in place, verify that the breathing is done without any hassle.
  • Avoid touching the mask after being placed, and if necessary, pre-cleansed with soap or gel.

Tips to remove the mask properly

The protocol BINDS 0065:2020 indicates the following steps to remove the face mask:

  • Washing hands with water and soap, or gel limpiamanos, before removing.
  • Do not touch the front.
  • In the case of masks that are reusable, have to immediately wash following the washing instructions.
  • Washing hands with water and soap, or gel limpiamanos, after removing.

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