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The sword of the Kings, Windsong

Sword of the Kings also called Windsong. This two-handed sword has a face of a lion that adorns the guard and has received an antique finish with an impressive knob to play. The handle is covered with a smooth red leather for a perfect and firm grip. Includes a sheath of wood covered in red leather decorated with a lion.

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$ 334.30

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Data sheet

Long118 cms.
Blade long86 cms.
Weight1960 grs.
Width at Guard6 cms.


102490001 Blade edge: NO ?
$ 334.30
102490002 Blade edge: SI ?
$ 352.89

Functional Swords Cat. C


Tempered carbon steel blades, good quality but may not be well balanced, in addition with generally less hardness. Due to the quality of manufacture and test, these swords are considered functional weapons but not with the guarantees to be used in combat.

Never use these swords in contact with other swords or objects. They can be used exclusively for training and can perform basic movements. They are also ideal for wearing as a complement or to expose them.

Recommended for recreationists or collectors who wish to have a real gun.

Full Tang: welded or screwed to the pommel

The use and enjoyment of any functional sword classified in any of the above categories will be personal and exclusive responsibility of the person using them.


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