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Shop-Medieval Electronic Commerce is dedicated to everything related to the medieval period. Our products are made by prestigious Spanish factories of Toledo, Teruel, and Zaragoza Baleares, with most of them crafts and so require great dedication, commitment and professionalism.

Exposición Tienda Medieval

Offices Exhibition in Zaragoza (Spain)

Exposición Tienda Medieval

Tienda medieval estuvo presente en la V Feria de Tiendas Virtuales en Walqa

Fair Exhibition at the Virtual Stores in Huesca (Spain)

Tienda Medieval Distribuidor Oficial de Marto

Exhibition Swords Marto

Textile manufactures Medieval-Factory

Who sell

We supply items medieval film and television production, theater groups, recreationists groups, medieval associations, collectors and individuals.

We as budgets and discounts based on the quantity of products. Request your free quote

We ship our items by transportation agencies to five continents. For questions, concerns or suggestions please contact us at your preferred channel.

We are not open to the public. Just give orders already placed online or by phone. For any concerns, please contact us.




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