Credit card (secure payment)

Pago con tarjeta de créditoIt allows card payment protocol attached to the VISA and Master Card 3DSecure: each operation is requesting authentication of the holder to the issuer of the card.

Of your card is rejected when making a purchase, please contact your bank if you are adhering to protocol 3DSecure.

Transactions have all the guarantees of security, confidentiality and integrity to be secured by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) which prevents the interception of information by third parties.


Pago con PaypalMust first register and use the credit card to fund your account. It is a bank account online, an internationally quite used system.

Bank Transfer

Pago con transferencia bancaria

When you order, you receive the necessary information to your email so that you can proceed with the transfer (number, bank account, information, etc.). A few hours later the bank confirms the transfer and you receive an email with the confirmation of the payment. This way we proceed to the preparation of your order. To expedite the order, you may choose to enter directly into a branch of La Caixa, this way the payment is confirmed in less time and no commissions are ought to be paid for the transaction.



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