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Wakizashi, John Lee Musashi Ichi

Wakizashi, John Lee model Musashi Ichi forged by hand. It is a piece of art asian:

  • Blade forged carbon steel and hardened in the traditional way.
  • Ribbed on the sheet to reduce the weight
  • The handle (Tsuka) is made of wood and covered with skin of a fish (Same)
  • The hilt is wrapped (Tsuka-ito) of black cotton traditional
  • The handle (Tsuka) is anchored to the blade with pins of bamboo (Mekugi)
  • The sheath (Saya) is made of wood
  • The sheet has a 'collar' of brass (habaki) so it does not move in the holster
  • This sword was crafted following the original museum

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Miamoto Musashi (1584-1645) was one of the samurai most impressive in Japan, often called the best fighter of swords of all time. He was a master artist and craftsman who founded his own school of manufacture of tsuba, better known by the simple tsuba double oval.

Data sheet

76 cms.
800 grs.
Blade long
54 cms.
Handle Length
22 cms.
Sori (blade curvature)
15 mm.
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