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  • Basic exercise katanas

    Basic exercise katanas

    <p>The katanas for basic exercises are made for those who start practicing martial arts or just want a beautiful object for display. The advantages: besides having a very competitive price, quality and strength, these katanas fully adapt to the needs of those who must use them to practice the dojo. Features: the Koshirae are made of iron, brass and aluminum alloy; the steel used for the blades is of type AISI 1045 with a high carbon content; Tsuka and Saya are made of wood; The Tsuka Ito is made of cotton and genuine leather (Same).</p>
  • Standard exercise Katanas

    Standard exercise Katanas

    <p>A line of katanas dedicated exclusively to the practice of Iaido, Kendo, Kenjutsu, etc. An object that will accompany you in the practice of martial arts for a long time. Features: the blades are well balanced with artificial Hamon. All Tsuba, Fuchi and Kashira are iron and decorated in order to maintain a smooth surface to avoid damaging your hands during use; the Saya are resistant wood and lacquer is made with care; the Tsuka Ito is pressed and tied on a strip of real leather (Same) that does not move, even with frequent use; the sheets fit snugly inside the Saya and the Habaki fits perfectly in the Koiguchi.</p>
  • Intermediate practice Katanas

    Intermediate practice Katanas

    <p>This intermediate line offers more that the "standard exercise", the type of the blade, the Koshirae finishes and the added accessories. This intermediate line is equipped with hardened clay treated blades, with visible Hamon (not artificial), or folded like Damascus steel. Features: perfectly balanced blades with high quality fittings; the Seppa, the Habaki and Shitodome are made of copper; Tsukagawa of genuine leather; Tsuba, Fuchi and Kashira the made ​​with a more complex process.</p>
  • Decorative Katanas

    Decorative Katanas

    <p>Katanas for decorative or practical use without strikes against a different katana or any object.</p>
  • Top level practice Katanas

    Top level practice Katanas

    <p>If you are looking for top level katanas or an object that resembles a Nihonto, then these are the Katana you are looking for! Features: the Koshirae pieces are inspired by museums in Japan and the blades are AISI 1095 steel, with hardening clay and visible Hamon; the top level Katana offers a high level of finish and top quality materials such as buffalo horn for parts of Saya (Koiguchi, Kurigata, Kojiri) and silk for Sageo and the Tsuka Ito; the Habaki, Seppa and Shitodome have a higher quality finish than other lines and often are silver plated.</p>
  • Katanas Movies

    Katanas Movies

  • Katanas Anime

    Katanas Anime

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Professional Katana. The sheath comes in lacquered wood. A choice of several types:Chrysanthemum (black wood). Ref. 090Crane (redwood). Ref. 092Angel (black wood). ref. 094NO includes wooden box. CUIDADO.- COMES SHARP

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Tiger Katana Hanwei Cass created by hand-forged steel K120C. Saya lacquered black. Tsuka in ray skin quality and tsuka-ito and sageo Japanese cotton. The fuchi, Kojiri, koiguchi and Kurigata are manufactured in old...

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Katana of the character Zoro from the One Piece series. Includes wooden and velvet support. The pod is made of wood and the blade is made of stainless steel. Zoro is the second in command of the crew. He stands out...

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Katana Zoro from the anime series of One Piece. The katana includes a stand of wood and velvet. Zoro is the second in command of the crew. He stands out for the handling of his swords and for his determination to...
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The katana belongs to Naruto Uzumaki, the anime series Naruto. Naruto is the protagonist of the series, is a ninja of Hidden Village of Konoha. It is part ofteam 7composed of Sasuke and Sakura.The katana blade is...
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