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  • Renaissance Costumes

    The Renaissance began in the fourteenth century, reaches its peak in the late fifteenth century and continues to develop throughout the sixteenth century. It expanded and became an important cultural and intellectual power, which gained momentum in the late fourteenth century. Fashion was a hobby of the affluent but during the Renaissance it became a concern of the prosperousmiddle ages. 

  • Roman Costumes

    The clothing is a big part of the culture of a nation. It allows us to know their tastes, their fears, their ideas, their creativity and adaptation to the environment in which they live. Rome turned the national garment in a symbol of social status.

  • Templar Costumes

    The armor of the Templars was very light when compared with those of the time, its goal was to get a light cavalry and a great mobility as infantry. The costume was very complete and ready to withstand the rigors of the cold and heat.

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