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What is a cloak?

It is a kind of clothing that people wear when is cold outside, besides it can be used to hide someone's identity by means of its hood. It is usually worn over the shoulders until the knees or ankles, showing two kind of fasteners, ribbons and clasps.

Cloaks throughout History

Roman people were the first ones that used cloaks. Richest members of this society, such as doctors, actors, teachers...normally wore colours cloaks. In Ancient Rome, soldiers wore cloaks withouth hood above all in nordic wars/battles due to their low temperatures.

During Middle Age, cloak was also very used given that it protected from wind and rain besides getting bodies warm. Nobility used warm and decorated cloaks, sometimes embroided. While peasants wore them in dark colours and low qulity materials. Most of the times they had two kind of fasteners, ribbons tied and clasps around the neck. Thieves used cloaks with hood in order to not be recognised in a night robbery.

Templar Knights wore a white cloak with a cross that covered them for journeys riding a horse. Musketeers also wore cloaks/capes which normally were in blue colour. After the Renaissance, cloak became less and less important, until World War I where soldiers wore simple wool cloaks in nordic front.

In Spain, Civil Guard wore cloak until 80's but finally this clothing was retired from the uniform. All over the world, military forces wear cloaks as a formal dress' complement, it meas they only wear it in special events.

Cloaks' Materials

Cloaks can be made of different materials, given that they are used in different seasons of the year.

  • Wool, which is mainly used in winter.
  • Cotton, which is mainly used in spring and autumn.
  • Synthetic, which does not cover a lot that's why must be used when temperature is not very low.
  • Natural skin, they cover a lot so they can be used when temperature is low. They ususally cover the back (goat's skin) or the neck (fox's skin).

Cloak is the perfect clothing for covering oneself in medieval festivals. We have all kind of cloaks, with or withouth hood, templars, vikings, for spring and winter... If you do not know which one to choose, do not hesitate to contact us. Do you have any further questions?

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