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What is a chain mail?

A mail or chain mail is like a shirt or a tunic, like an iron, steel or aluminium armour, used to protect from the attack of bladed weapons. Its resistance depends on: kind of riveted, material, density and thickness of the rings.

How much does a chain mail weigh?

The weight of a chain mail depends on the size, the material and the thickness of the rings, but we can say it weigh aproximately 18-33 lbs. (8-15 Kgs.).

Who used to wear the chain mail?

All the cultures that worked with the metal, used to make their own chain mail. Nowadays it's only used for the historic recreation and LARP.
Lorica Segmentata and Lorica Hamata were similar to chain mail and they were used by the Romans. In the Middle Ages, the chain mail was worn with a camail (or aventail).

Wear a chain mail is not so easy because of its weight and the help of another person is suggested. Nowadays there are a lot of imitation that are lighter, and they're made of aluminium. If you need any help to choose your original Medieval chain mail, we'll be happy to help!

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