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Viking Helmets

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X century Viking helmet made of steel functional 2mm (14G). This replica is based on Viking helmets found in Norway. Includes mail attached to the hull. The interior is lined with leather and has fastening strap.

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Replica of the Viking helmet that became famous during the VIII and IX centuries. Manufactured completely in steel with a thickness of 2mm. The mask and nasal protection are riveted to the helmet. It is adjusted to...
Helmet viking model Spathas. Of the time chaos of the Dark Ages comes this magnificent helmet worn by the elite troops of the principalities slavs. The warriors Spathas were known for their cruelty and by their...
Casco Nordic-type Gjermundbu helmet with glasses) perfect for any head viking. This is a helmet manufactured by hand in steel and with details in brass. It is one size only and is adjusted by means of an inner lining...
Helmet Viking Leather perfect for recreacionistas, LARP, and to complement any outfit viking. Lighter and more versatile than steel, this leather helmet provides an authentic look. Made of very thick leather, made...
The original Sutton Hoo hull was found in 1939 while excavations near Woodbridge, Suffolk, England. Historically it is similar to the Germanic helmets or those of Valgrade or Vendel (Sweden). It is thought that the...
Stylish Helmet Viking decorated with a deep engraving very detailed around the crown and in the protection of the nose. The traditional design of the dog celtic in enhancement beautifies the cheek plates that fit with...
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