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    In response to requests from Wushu practitioners swords with ultra flexible blades, Hanwei house has had a long and flexible blade. With a sheet of spring steel tapering to almost paper thin on top, it is very light (just 450 g.), Very fast and surprisingly strong in expert hands. P>

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    China Jian sword sheath blade 75 cms. stainless steel handle and red lace. Pod includes tai chi.

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    Jian Sword Hanwei house designed by a martial arts expert, Scott Rodell. It includes wooden sheath.

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    Cass Jian Sword Hanwei. With Damascus steel blade, hand-forged and well balanced, with meticulous finishes and traditional Chinese design. Wooden handle and leather sheath bronze finishes.

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    Tai Chi sword for practices available in various sizes. It has protections of steel. The blade is tempered high carbon steel. He is sharp.

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items