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  • Falcatas

    Falcatas originating in Iberia pre-roman with the edge curved and single-edged.

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    Sword combat Alexander with brass finishes and black / gold. P>

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    Falcata an Iberian decorative stainless steel sheet decorated with a bird and handle with ornamental details and geometric. Manufactured in Toledo - Spain by the cas Art Gladius.

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    This falcata sword is the early inhabitants of the Iberian peninsula. It is therefore a reproduction of a tool of our ancestors. With this sword of military origin are fought in battles of the time. The revolutionary design of the blade adapted to penetrate horizontal, has not been repeated in history, but has functionality beyond doubt.

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    Sword Falcata typical Iberians and Celts. It is similar to the Greek Kopis and Nepal Khukri sword. This falcata is a replica of 400-300 AC The blade is carbon steel. brassed handle with the figure of a horse. It includes wooden sheath and knife wrapped in leather.

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    Iberian Falcata decorative made of Toledo-Spain by Marto. Stainless steel blade and handle decorated.

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    Iberian Falcata Bronze decorative made of Toledo-Spain by Marto. Stainless steel blade and handle decorated.

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    Falcata Celta-Ibérica Circa 200 aC forged with blade in high carbon steel 1065 and knob is made of solid brass. Includes pod. Manufactured by Windlass Steelcrafts®

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    Falcata Ibérica ideal for the game of LARP. The curved blade of a single edge of this falcata is hand-painted color steel. Inside comes reinforced with glass fiber, thus increasing its durability in the field of battle.

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