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    Cutlery medieval forged by hand and with leather case. The set is composed of: Spoon: 21 cms.Fork: 24 cms.Knife: 24 cms.IMPORTANT:It is not suitable for the preparation of food. p>

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    Set of medieval forged hand-cutlery with leather bag with belt buckle. The cutlery included is: p>Knife.- Length: 20.5 cms.Spoon.- Length: 16 cms.Fork.- Length: 17.5 cms.Punch.- Length: 14.5 cms. li>IMPORTANT: It is not suitable for food preparation.

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    Game Medieval steel covered include: spoon, fork and knife 2-point addition to his brown leather holster hanging from his belt.

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    Scottish dagger with fork and knife. Includes leather sheath. p>Dirk is the word the Scots use to refer to a long dagger; sometimes, this weapon has a downward cut blade blade mounted on the dagger's grip, instead of having a knife blade. p>Length of the fork and knife: 17 cms. approximately.

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    Medieval wrought iron scissors. The scissors measure 12 cms. p>

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    Medieval ladle made of mild steel. The bucket measures 47.5 cms. IMPORTANT: It is not suitable for food preparation.

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    Set of 440 stainless steel medieval cutlery, ideal for medieval recreations. Includes leather case. The pack is composed of: p>ForkKnifeSpoon

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    Set of medieval cutlery consisting of a fork, a knife, a spoon and a skewer. The cutlery is forged in stainless steel. The set is adapted to be used also as a complement to your medieval costume as it can be attached with a leather cord and hung from the belt.

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