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Lamp made vine forging craft wooden trunk vine 3 arms illuminated. It includes socket. NO includes bulbs. Alto approximately 750-800 Approximate Width 500-600 mm. These measures may vary depending on the natural size...
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Lamp made by hand forging with hanging chains. Ideal for medieval and period decorations. Bulbs are NOT included. 3 lights: 55x53 cms. 4 lights: 63x70 cms. 6 lights: 70x78 cms. 8 lights: 80x100 cms. 10 lights: 90x115...
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Forged lamp medieval wooden wheel with 3 or 5 lights made by hand with hanging chains. Ideal for medieval and period decorations in castles or large halls. The bulbs are NOT included. 3 lights: 65x40 cms.5 lights:...
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Use of the forged lamp

During the Middle Ages the forged lamps were used in the churches and monasteries. The light was made by wicks. In the nobles' houses and castles, there were pendant lamps with a lot of lights. In the Gothic Ages, XV and XVI centuries, the lamps were made with bronze or iron branches with a lot of ornaments.

Forged lamp "spider" model

In the XVIII century the "spider" lamps were very common. They were made with pendant crystals, some of those coming straight from precious rocks.

Forged lamp nowadays

It's usually used in rustic or medieval spaces. It's very common to see these laps in rustic or mountain houses, or any other place with medieval decoration. There aren't so many blacksmiths working the wrought iron, because it requires skills, abilities but also a perfect tecnique.

We have a huge catalog of forged lamps, with different sizes. The lamps come with the cables and they're ready to plug to the electricity. For any question, we're ready to help.



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