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Mallet head of Lucerne, of the S. XV. This hammer bears the name of Lucerne, because many of these weapons of the XV century, forged in Lucerne, Switzerland. Has a head of eight points, apparently, to pierce an armor...
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Mace Medieval in stainless steel with a wooden handle and leather and a long steel knob to bring balance. Replica of the mace found in the river Thames which was used in the whole of Europe. It was used in melee...
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Mace Norman with the head solid cast steel has multiple blunt-tip and decoration of rope. The wooden handle darkened has a flange for a secure grip. An auction of steel with a ring for hanging makes it easy to carry...
Mace-head of stone designed to suit a character completely immersed in nature. The ram has a small head of 20 cm. long, sculpted in a realistic manner and hand-painted to look like a rock tied to a stick.The mace is...
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