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    1 Bottle of Oil of 50ml., Spray type for protection against corrosion of the carbon steel sheetsof the fighting swords as well as for other bladed weapons. Contains petroleum distillates. p>

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    Box with cleaning kit katanas.IT INCLUDESMetal hammer (mekugi)Vegetable oil (koji)Rice paper (gami harai)Ball nonabrasive powder (uchiko)soft cloth for maintenance (erufu)

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    1 Bottle of oil-spray corrosion protection of carbon steel sheetsSwords struggle as well as other weapons. It contains petroleum distillates. Weight 110 gr. P>

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    250 ml pot. high quality silicone for the maintenance of weapons and equipment made in latex. Silicone is 100% pure and free of acid.

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    400 ml oil can. Ideal spray for the maintenance of carbon steel blades. Protects, lubricates, disinfects and prevents corrosion. Completely biodegradable PRECUTION.- Highly flammable product. p>

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    Oil bottle of 100 ml. ideal for maintaining carbon steel blades of swords aerosol. It protects, lubricates, disinfects and prevents corrosion. Fully biodegradable. PRECACUCION.- Product highly flammable.

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    Cleaning kit for katana manufactured by the Hanwei house. The kit contains oil for swords, rice paper (nuguigami), a cloth for oil, a ball of powder for polishing (uchiko), a punch and a brass hammer (mekuginuki). The kit is delivered in a wooden box. Includes maintenance instructions.

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