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Iaito for Zaza model practice. Zaza in Japanese means bamboo, which due to its straight form and its bright green color is the symbol of growth, purity and fortune. Our Iaito is well balanced, forged in 420 stainless...
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What is a Iaitō

Iaitō or "japanese sabre" has the same shape of the katana but it has been designed for the Iaitō practice over other martial arts. Iaitō is not sharpened and its blade can have different sizes. It's not considered as a weapon.

In which martial art can a Iaitō be used?

Iaitō can be used for the Iaitō martial art, the tradition of japanese sabre's drawing.

Differences between Iaitō and katana

They are very similar but the components are different. The blade of the Iaitō is made by zinc or aluminium and the katana's blade is made by steel. Iaitō doesn't need any maintenance but the katana needs to be cleaned up, lubed and kept with care after every use. Koshirae is also very similar to Iaitō but it's usually made by handcrafted materials.

If you want to buy a Iaitō, you have to check these key features: it has to be blunt and its blade has to be strong and lighter than a katana, as it's made by zinc aluminum. It has to be full tang to handle the movements and the stress. If you want, we can guide you to choose one of the models we have in our catalog. Do not hesitate to ask us more informations!



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