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  • Movies swords

    Movies swords

    <p>Swords used by film and fantasy characters created for series, movies, comics. They usually have spectacular design lines.</p>
  • Battle ready swords

    Battle ready swords

    <p>Within the functional swords made of carbon steel sheets are classified into 3 groups: Category A, Category B and Category C. For differences can view the details of the <strong><a href="/content/114-clasificacion-espadas-funcionales">Functional classification swords</a>.</strong></p>
  • Roman Swords

    Roman Swords

    Roman Swords gladius type, used by the legions. The Roman gladius were adapted from the short swords used by celtic mercenaries (hispaniensis gladius) in the service of Hannibal, during the Punic Wars. The Roman Sword or Gladius was the primary sword of Ancient Roman foot soldiers and one of the most widely recognized swords of any culture.
  • Arab swords

    Arab swords

    <p>The Arabian Swords are characterized by a peculiar design both in their leaves (straight or curved) and in their handles (with clear Arabic symbolism)</p>
  • Ibera Swords

    Ibera Swords

    <p>Iberian and pre-Iberian swords, among which falcata from the 7th century BC to 1 BC </p>
  • Scottish swords

    Scottish swords

    <p>Two-handed Scottish swords of the Claymore and William Wallace type.</p>
  • Sabres


    <p>The saber is a curved and single-edged sword. Its use was massive in the cavalry and infantry officers in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This curved leaf character makes the difference with the sword. This Stab arises from the need for speed in combat. This is achieved by cutting and not let the blade weapon embedded in the body of the opponent.</p>
  • Historical swords

    Historical swords

    This categoty includes some of the mos popular swords used by real characters in history. Some of them are battle-ready and other decorative, but all seek to capture the details that characterize the original swords. The sword represents justice and sovereignty of the lineage, but also the courage and power.
  • Loop Rapier

    Loop Rapier

    The term rapier emerged during the Renaissance in Spain as a dress sword and became very popular as a civilian weapon for self defence and duelling amongst the wealthier classes. Rapiers are long, thin, single-handed swords designed for thrusting more than cutting.
  • Cup Hilt Rapier

    Cup Hilt Rapier

    The term rapier emerged during the Renaissance in Spain as a dress sword and became very popular as a civilian weapon for self defence and duelling amongst the wealthier classes. Rapiers are long, thin, single-handed swords designed for thrusting more than cutting. The hilts on rapiers existed in a great variety of styles and various kinds of bars, rings, plates, or cups.
  • Celtic swords

    Celtic swords

    <p>Celtic swords of the iron age. The main Celtic peoples were the Celtiberians, the Gauls, the Helvetius and the Britons or Bretons. </p>
  • Viking Swords

    Viking Swords

    <p>Swords used by Nordic peoples, barbarians and Vikings. The Vikings were Germanic peoples of Scandinavia known for their usual raids and pillages in Europe. </p>
  • Bullfighting swords

    Bullfighting swords

    <p>Swords for bullfighters. Estoques, swords for descabello, tiptoes and professional bullfighters.</p>
  • Pirate Swords

    Pirate Swords

  • Foils


    <p>The foil is a sword, long and flexible blade of rectangular section. Foil Italian foil English, foil French foil, pink foil shell. The foil appears in the SEVENTEENTH century as a weapon harmless flexible blade that ended with a button in the shape of a flower. The foil is one of the three weapons of fencing, along with the sword and the saber. TYPES OF FLORETS Foil shell, foil, pink foil, Spanish foil, Italian foil, French ...</p>
  • Ceremonial Swords

    Ceremonial Swords

    <p>We have the best swords for weddings, communions and baptisms made in Toledo, Spain, with the possibility of adding personalized texts. Swords for events, Masonic ceremonies, Templar ceremonies and other solemn rites.</p>
  • Greek Swords

    Greek Swords

    <p>Greek, Trojan, Spartan Swords and kopis.</p>
  • Egyptian swords

    Egyptian swords

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Rustic Spanish Foil, Tempered steel, polished, flat sheet of old fencing. The foil is a long, flexible blade. Available in various sizes. Cadete.- 80 cms.Natural.- 102 cms.

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Gladius wooden sword for training. Manufactured by Windlass Steelcrafts® Not only were the wooden swords used by the Gladiators to train, but if he survived the sand and lived long enough to retreat, he was granted a...
$352.03 $414.15

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Mandoble model Jian Swallow. It is a sword that can be used with one hand or two and features a flexible blade and a balance suitable for the practice of martial arts. The brass finishes are a perfect complement to...

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Viking sword for children. It includes sheath made of wood with decorated motifs. The fist is coated. Espada.- 63 cms long. CAUTION! Not suitable for children under 3 years because of the danger of small-piece choke....

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Fitness mandoble sword made entirely of polypropylene. The sword is approximately 100 cms. The blade length is 82 cm. The weight is 0.85 kg. This sword training is done with the highest degree of polypropylene and is...
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In response to requests from Wushu practitioners swords with ultra flexible blades, Hanwei house has had a long and flexible blade. With a sheet of spring steel tapering to almost paper thin on top, it is very light...
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