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    Special Plus Katana practices. With carbon steel blade with differential and forged hardened claying traditional method. Tsuba decorated. Lacquered black sheath.

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    Shinobi Ninja Katana ideal for afionados to the path of Ninja practices. With carbon steel blade, hand-forged hardened claying traditional method. All accessories are aged black iron. The Tsuba is decorated with the position of the Kuji-kiri hands that served to channel the energy used Ninja according to the mystique. The Tsuka is covered in synthetic...

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    Katana practices XL series with steel blade hardened 1566 carbon differential traditionally with a hardness of HRC60 and HRC40 back.

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    Katana of practice leading manufacturer Paul Chen Hanwei. With blade forged in high carbon steel. Lightweight and easy to handle. P>

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    Hanwei Katana with blade integral tactic in 5160 carbon steel and cord grip.

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    Iaito for Zaza model practice. Zaza in Japanese means bamboo, which due to its straight form and its bright green color is the symbol of growth, purity and fortune. Our Iaito is well balanced, forged in 420 stainless steel and, of course, without edge. The handle is wrapped in a cotton cord and authentically stripe leather. The Iaito decorations (Tsuba,...

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    This Iaito is a work of art from the Asian forge. The blade is hand-forged from hardened stainless steel. The handle is made of wood covered with real stripe leather. The tsuba is made of an alloy of zinc and aluminum with floral motifs. It is a piece that was forged following the historical models.

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items