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    Functional Wakizashi for martial arts training. With carbon steel blade forged hardened differential hardness HRC60 edge and HRC40 the mune.

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    Functional Fitness with carbon steel blade forged in hardened steel wakizashi.

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    Tiger Wakizashi with hand-forged sheet steel K120C with Bo-Hi short. Tsuka in ray skin quality and sageo tsuka-ito and Japanese cotton fabrics. Saya lacquered black. The Fuchi, Kashira, Kojiri, Koiguchi and manufactured Kurigata old iron finish. Handmade Tsuba. Habaki one-piece brass.

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    Wakizashi Honshu Boshin manufactured by United Cutlery. Noted for its elegant design and carbon steel blade 1060. The handle is anti-slip rubber with satin finish on guard and pommel.

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    Tactical Wakizashi model Honshu with leaf sharpenedDamascus steel black. The blade is full tang and has the same width from the tip to the end of the handle, allowing precision cutting. The wakizashi Honshu comes with a polycarbonate shell wrapped in a part paracord and cover. Product manufactured by United Cultery with quality materials.

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    Iaito, wakizashi, for Zaza model practice. Zaza in Japanese means bamboo, which due to its straight form and its bright green color is the symbol of growth, purity and fortune. Our Iaito is well balanced, forged in 420 stainless steel and, of course, without edge. The handle is wrapped in a cotton cord and authentically stripe leather. The Iaito...

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    Iaito Wakizashi of John Lee model Red Wood. The iaito has a Shinogi-Zukuri blade without edge, forged by hand with stainless steel 420. The Habaki and the Seppa are made of bronze.The name of this piece derives from the brownish red color of the pod.

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