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  • Swords Jian

    Jian swords of straight leaf and double edge typical of the Chinese culture from the Zhou Dynasty in the years 1050-256 a. C

  • Dao Swords

    Dao Swords, in Chinese Sable, is a one-edged weapon used in the martial arts of China.

  • Dadao Swords

    The Dadao Swords are variants of the Dao or Chinese sword. They have a large leaf and are usually hand and a half or 2 hands.

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    Tai Chi sword for practices available in various sizes. It has protections of steel. The blade is tempered high carbon steel. He is sharp.

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    Dadao sword, the traditional weapon of the peasants in China. It was used in the 1930s Although the original did not cover this SI is included.

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    In response to requests from Wushu practitioners swords with ultra flexible blades, Hanwei house has had a long and flexible blade. With a sheet of spring steel tapering to almost paper thin on top, it is very light (just 450 g.), Very fast and surprisingly strong in expert hands. P>

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    Tao Kung Fu sword made of stainless steel. LANKY.- 91 cms.

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    China Jian sword sheath blade 75 cms. stainless steel handle and red lace. Pod includes tai chi.

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    Shoge steel chain and ring. Long chain: 2 mts. Ring diameter: 15 cms. Used almost exclusively by the ninjas, the kyoketsu-shoge has a multitude of technical applications.

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    China Viet Vo Dao sword with nickel-plated stainless steel blade and handle in aged brass. It includes sheath. Made in Toledo, Spain

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    Jian Sword Hanwei house designed by a martial arts expert, Scott Rodell. It includes wooden sheath.

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    Cass Jian Sword Hanwei. With Damascus steel blade, hand-forged and well balanced, with meticulous finishes and traditional Chinese design. Wooden handle and leather sheath bronze finishes.

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    Espada China Wushu Kung Fu, lightweight and fast, also known as water song, because it has a sheet high in Ultra-Flexible carbon produces a very audible vibration sheet.

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    Kung Fu sword for practice. Made of sheet high-carbon steel and handle with good grip. It includes wooden sheath.

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    Couple butterfly knives made of steel in Toledo (Spain). China has been the most popular weapon because they are effective, more convenient to carry a sword or katana and fighting techniques learned more easily.

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