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Chinese Weapons

  • Jian swords

    Jian swords

    <p>Jian swords of straight leaf and double edge typical of the Chinese culture from the Zhou Dynasty in the years 1050-256 a. C</p>
  • Dao Swords

    Dao Swords

    <p>Dao Swords, in Chinese Sable, is a one-edged weapon used in the martial arts of China.</p>
  • Dadao Swords

    Dadao Swords

    <p>The Dadao Swords are variants of the Dao or Chinese sword. They have a large leaf and are usually hand and a half or 2 hands.</p>
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Couple butterfly knives made of steel in Toledo (Spain). China has been the most popular weapon because they are effective, more convenient to carry a sword or katana and fighting techniques learned more easily.
China range with foil and wood handle. Gama was a tool of the field in ancient China that eventually became a weapon used in martial arts. Probably you have seen in pairs in movies but actually used individually.
Sword chinese combat. There are very few swords are more effective than the sword of war china of two hand forged by Cold Steel. The blade is forged in steel 1060 high carbon content. Each sword is sharp to hand and...
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