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Chinese Weapons

  • Jian swords

    Jian swords

    <p>Jian swords of straight leaf and double edge typical of the Chinese culture from the Zhou Dynasty in the years 1050-256 a. C</p>
  • Dao Swords

    Dao Swords

    <p>Dao Swords, in Chinese Sable, is a one-edged weapon used in the martial arts of China.</p>
  • Dadao Swords

    Dadao Swords

    <p>The Dadao Swords are variants of the Dao or Chinese sword. They have a large leaf and are usually hand and a half or 2 hands.</p>
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Couple butterfly knives made of steel in Toledo (Spain). China has been the most popular weapon because they are effective, more convenient to carry a sword or katana and fighting techniques learned more easily.
China range with foil and wood handle. Gama was a tool of the field in ancient China that eventually became a weapon used in martial arts. Probably you have seen in pairs in movies but actually used individually.
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