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    Tiger Katana Hanwei Cass created by hand-forged steel K120C. Saya lacquered black. Tsuka in ray skin quality and tsuka-ito and sageo Japanese cotton. The fuchi, Kojiri, koiguchi and Kurigata are manufactured in old iron finish. Handmade Tsuba. Habaki one-piece brass.

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    suitable for court belonging to the Shinto Daisho series with carbon steel blade forged by hand using the traditional technique of hardened claying Katana. The Tsuba is decorated with a dragon with golden eyes. The sheath is black lacquered. protective cloth bag and traditional maintenance kit is included.

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    Golden Oriole Katana Daisho professional series suitable for cutting. With carbon steel blade and sheath lacquered in blue. The outstanding balance of this sword allows great mobility. It includes fabric protection and cleaning kit.

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    Professional Bushido Katana with steel blade, hand-forged carbon steel and folded K120C. The sheath is brown lacquered inlaid cherry blossom brass. The Tsuka is high-quality leather while the Tsuba is crafted in bronze and finished in old iron with deroración the scene of a battle in gold and silver. The Tsuka-ito and Sageo are made in cotton premium...

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    The Katana Wind and Thunder is designed for the practitioner of Tameshigiri. Its carbon steel sheet high quality hand forged is heavier and thicker than traditional ones. Raiden tsuba is crafted in old iron termination. The Tsuka is covered in leather. The sheath is black lacquered.

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    Wave Katana series ideal for cutting exercises Tsuname. The blade is carbon steel T10. The Koshirae is made by hand with old iron finish. The sheath is black lacquered.

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    Tigre luxury Katana hand forged and the best accessories. Designed for cutting. The blade is carbon steel K120C. The koshirae is crafted in old bronze finish with gold accents. The Tsuba is of high quality while the tsuka-ito and Sageo are woven in Japanese quality cotton.

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    The Katana mantis is made of sheet high carbon steel Hand forged, L6 / Bainite Shobu Zukuri style with Bo-Hi one excellent Koshirae.

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    Ronin Katana with blade high carbon forged by hand. High quality finishes.

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    Orchid Katana Hanwei, with a relatively light blade made of steel folded K120C. Stingray leather high quality and sageo of high quality cotton. Blackened iron tsuba. Saya in blue lacquered koiguchi buffalo horn and kurikata. The Fuchi, Kashira and Kojiri are crafted. The habaki is one piece of brass.

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