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  • Morriones

    The Morriones are medieval helmets used in the XVI century by the Infantry.

  • Borgoñotas

    Round used infantry helmets, with cheeks, crest, cover and visor. Used in the XVI and XVII centuries

  • Barbutas

    Medieval helmets without visor with opening for the mouth and eyes. Used in the 15th century

  • Kettles
  • Celadas

    The Celadas are medieval helmets in the shape of a campaign with an opening for the eyes. Some wore visor.

  • Bacinetes

    The Bacinetes are helmets from the Middle Ages that protected ears and neck and were used from the XI century until the XV

  • Helms

    The helms are medieval helmets closed with visor that protect head and face.

  • Sallet

    Medieval Sallet helmet early 15th century that replaced the bacinete. They could have a hinged visor or be just a complete and unique piece, with a slot to allow the view. He had them with or without a visor.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 52 items