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    Italo-Corinthian helmet with frontal protection and in one piece. P>

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    Gilded Corinthian helmet with horsehair plume. Made of brass. P>

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    Casco Italo-Corintio edged in gold. Includes stand.

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    Silver Greek Corinthian helmet with plume. NO Includes peana.Los Italo Corinthians were Greek helmets that were originally brought to the colonies in Sicily, Italy and Spain. Traces have also been found in Celtic graves. During the gladiatorial games, the Romans liked to play famous battles like those of the Greeks against Persians, so that this type was...

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    Grecian Corinthian helmet made of bronze without rivets. Includes padding. Circumference of 65 cms. One size. p>

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    Replica of the Greek helmet used in Athens in 300 BC The helmet is made of brass. The protections for the ears are lined with leather. The plume is removable. Includes padding. The interior perimeter is 63 cms.

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    Replica of the Italo-Corinthian helmet ideal for LARP and theater. The helmet is made of solid steel and comes with a bronze finish, which gives it an antique look. The helmet comes with a leather strap to adapt to the chin.

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    Spartan helmet made of steel. Includes wooden stand to expose it. The article has a total height of 41 cm.

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    Casco del Rey Leónidas made of steel and bathed in aged brass. It is fully lined in leather, with an adjustable lining and carries a genuine ridge of horse hair. The helmet has an impressive height of 48 cm, and is truly worthy of having been used by the historic King Leonidas. Includes exhibitor. Manufactured by Windlass Steelcrafts®

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