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  • Banners


    <p>Banners and flags medieval period, made of cotton and polyester of the best quality. 100% washable. Ideal for decoration at interior; medieval cellars, places, rustic or also for exteriors.</p>
  • Cushions


    <p>Cushions ornamented with the orders templars of the middle ages. The cushion or pad is used to support comfortably a part of the body on him.</p>
  • Panoply


  • Desktop


    <p>Stationery and office decoration, medieval, and period, such as pens, letter openers, magnets, pisa-papers, subject books, notebooks, greeting cards, seals, sealing, mark-pages.</p>
  • Chests and Boxes

    Chests and Boxes

    <p>Old trunks and boxes. The chest is a chest or box-shaped furniture is intended for closed store items. They were widely used as chests for transporting goods.</p>
  • Posters


    <p>Medieval, Gothic, Roman and struggles vintage posters.</p>
  • Heraldry


    <p>We design and print in photos, canvases, paintings, tiles, posters, key rings, cushions, blankets, cups, heraldic cups with the origin and history of your names and surnames to assign the coats of arms of each lineage.</p>
  • Figurine


  • Bones


    <p>Skeletons and bones ideal for decoration or scenic props. </p>
  • Paintings


    Paintings, medieval paintings with historical, legendary or fantastic motifs.
  • Badges and Coins

    Badges and Coins

    <p>Sheriff badges, Texas Ranger, U.S. Marshall ...Replicas of medieval coins.</p>
  • Religious Crafts

    Religious Crafts

    Entirely handmade religious paintings, diptychs and triptychs. Hand painted images of Maria, Jesus, the angels, the Cross and different saints. PRODUCTION PROCESS OF THE RELIGIOUS CRAFTS Manufacturing process is completely manual, with the same products used in the Romanesque, Gothic or Renaissance. Beginning - treated wood base Priming with bunnytail, white plaster base, 3-tier application basic preparation, sanding, applying shellac before gold foil for the altarpieces and triptychs funds. Subsequently, religious motifs are inserted; reliable reproductions of the originals, the sheets treated and aged (aging is applied by Judea bitumen and beeswax). Altarpieces painted in tempera Realized on canvas burlap sack, plastered and painted in tempera with earth colors. The fabrics are quartered manually to mimic the passing of the years. Mounted on wooden frame, the canvas is shaped and fully stretched. Altarpieces painted on wood. Roman Tryptich Development process based on treated wood and painted plaster in distemper, then aged with Judea bitumen and beeswax. Triptych and altarpieces with patterns in relief They are produced by applying a plaster thickness 3mm raised.
  • Wands


    <p>Sticks and magic wands used by magicians and druids. The movies and books the owners of these sticks and canes had the power of transformation, cast spells, make things disappear and reappear etc. The wands apart der be the most important object of a magician, it is also peresentan as a versatile element and unlimited power.</p>
  • Forge


    <p>Artisan medieval forge, lamps, appliques designed in a rustic and artisan way to decorate medieval environments such as castles, bars, salons or cellars of medieval court. The forge is applied to pure metals such as aluminum, titanium, zinc, copper and alloys of steel, copper, aluminum, bronze or magnesium. In the medieval age free forging was used, which is characterized because the deformation of the metal is not limited, but is free by its shape or mass. The purely artisan forza where the blacksmith becomes an artist and his job is to shape the metal by fire and hammer. From the forging of swords, knives, daggers, etc, going through jobs related to agricultural tasks; wheels, horseshoes for horses, and other works for the ornamentation of castles and residences of the nobles and the aristocracy of the time as appliques, torches, ceiling lamps, floor lamps, supports for swords ...</p>
  • Toledo Damascene

    Toledo Damascene

    <p>Toledo Damascene is the decorative art based on the incrustation of noble metals such as gold and silver on other more common, such as iron and blued steel. The incrustation uses chisel and hammer to fuse the wire or sheet with the porous iron, leaving a single body made of gold and iron.</p>
  • Games


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