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  • Swords (Cat. A)
    These are the best carbon steel quality blades, perfectly balanced well as being tempered to withstand the heaviest fighting. 
    Recommended for professionals that use them regularly.
    • Hardness sheet: Depending on the types of steel can vary. They are usually the hardest.
    • Full Tang: welded or screwed to the pommel
  • Swords (Cat. B)

    Good quality carbon steel blades, perfectly balanced well as being tempered to support fighting but with slightly less hardness. These models are usually more flexible and light.

    They can only be used against swords in this category and if possible the same manufacturer. Never use these swords against Category A as they are susceptible to irreversible damage.

    Recommended for ambitious beginners and professionals.

    • Hardness sheet: Depending on the types of steel can vary. Normally less harsh than those of Category A.
    • Full Tang: welded or screwed to the pommel
  • Swords (Cat. C)

    Tempered carbon steel blades, good quality but may not be well balanced, in addition with generally less hardness. Due to the quality of manufacture and test, these swords are considered functional weapons but not with the guarantees to be used in combat.

    Never use these swords in contact with other swords or objects. They can be used exclusively for training and can perform basic movements. They are also ideal for wearing as a complement or to expose them.

    Recommended for recreationists or collectors who wish to have a real gun.

    • Full Tang: welded or screwed to the pommel
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  • $ 189.81 In Stock

    Functional scimitar or "shamshir" with curved blade made of high uncoated 1065 carbon steel. It was a typical Persian sword. Handle of wood and guard in steel. Includes leather covered sheath with metal finishes.

    $ 189.81
    In Stock: 10 un.
  • $ 269.91 In Stock

    Functional Templar sword with scabbard included. With blade forged carbon steel 1065. Includes wooden sheath coated Templars and leather details.

    $ 269.91
    In Stock: 7 un.
  • $ 139.31 In Stock

    Sword Fighting a Templar cross hand on the doorknob. Blade with full tang, forged 1095 carbon steel, hardened. Wood grip covered in leather. It is made by hand. It includes sheath. No tip or edge, ready for combat.

    $ 139.31
    In Stock: 6 un.
  • $ 186.32 In Stock

    Sword of the Musketeers functional designed with the style of 1590. Blade with high carbon steel Handle 1065. wrapped in braided wire. It includes wooden sheath.

    $ 186.32
    In Stock: 6 un.
  • $ 130.60 In Stock

    Pirate Sword Functional Leaf made of high carbon 1065. Includes wooden sheath covered in leather and metal finishes.

    $ 130.60
    In Stock: 5 un.
  • $ 127.60 In Stock

    Functional medieval sword hand. Handmade EN45 steel with a hardness of HRC 48-50º. Corrugated sheet with rounded edges and blunt. With handle disk and manufactured in Germany by Ulfberth®. Wood grip covered in leather and reinforced at its ends by two steel rings. It includes matching leather sheath.

    $ 127.60
    In Stock: 4 un.
  • $ 53.29 In Stock

    Ideal for medieval sword training (no contact). Made with carbon steel blade and full tang and blunt. The knob is double bolted. Grip covered in leather.

    $ 53.29
    In Stock: 4 un.
  • $ 139.31 In Stock

    Pompeii Gladius sword type, or Pompeii, functional. Sheet High Carbon Steel 1065 Handle and handle wood. Wood sheath encased in metal and leather included.

    $ 139.31
    In Stock: 3 un.
  • $ 108.35 In Stock

    Sword XII century English gentleman Sir William Marshal copied from the original preserved in a British museum. It is not advisable to practice by having the pointed blade . Made of steel sheet carbon tempered EN45. Leather coated handle. It includes leather sheath.

    $ 108.35
    In Stock: 3 un.
  • $ 212.36 In Stock

    Viking sword fighting with blade of carbon steel CSN 14260 (DIN 54 SiCr 6) with hardness of 44-48 HRC and riveted handle. Viking sword was released in southern Africa by the Vikings peoples.

    $ 212.36
    In Stock: 2 un.
  • $ 108.41 In Stock

    Norman sword from a functional hand X century made in Germany by Ulfberth®. corrugated sheet steel hand-forged and well tempered with a hardness of 48-50 HRC. The full tang is riveted to the pommel. The handle is covered in leather. blunt edges and rounded tip. NO includes sheath.

    $ 108.41
    In Stock: 2 un.
  • $ 138.16 In Stock

    falchion functional used in the Middle Ages, you may also be referred Falchion, translated into Castilian as Falcata. Made in Germany by Ulfberth®. Handmade sheet EN45 steel with a hardness of HRC 48-50º. Corrugated sheet with rounded edges and blunt. It includes matching leather sheath. Wood grip covered in leather.

    $ 138.16
    In Stock: 2 un.
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