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High boots of leather with tip twisted model Poulaines, S. XV. This type of footwear has enjoyed so much popularity that even so-called sumptuary laws were enacted to regulate their use and to restrict the excesses....
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Sword of Geralt de Rivia from the saga "The Witcher". The saga of Geralt Rivia is a series of fantasy stories created by Andrzej Sapkowski. This sword is worn by Geralt in the third installment of the video game saga...
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Capa de lana para mujer, modelo Asidis. Es una capa larga con capucha con una medida total de 131 cms. y un ancho de 231 cms. Se cierra en la parte delantera mediante cordones. Se debe lavar en seco. 
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Blouse medieval ties model Otillia. The sleeves come to the elbows and are adjusted with the laces. It is a blouse made in cotton 100% and it should be machine washable to 30 degrees on gentle cycle.
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Dress medieval long and with long sleeves model Ava. The dress is crafted in cotton canvas 100%. In the upper part can be adjusted using a cotton cord. The cut of this dress is based on the medieval representations of...
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Pants oriental model Ataman, with a design that is based on the trousers of 'The thousand and one nights'. Manufactured in linen, with a cutting width which makes them ideal for the warmer days. Fit the waist by laces.
Replica of the helmet of King Arthur crafted in fiber glass of first quality and painted steel with an antique finish. The crown is made of polished brass, and behind, to protect the neck, wearing a coat of mail of...
Helmet miedieval model Maciejowski also known as helm, barrel (helm bucket or helmet pot). The Helmet Maciejowski was the precursor of what would later become the Great Helm (or heaume), of the FOURTEENTH century....
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Medieval helmet Sallet with visor movable, it is a design that is based on the helmet used in Germany in the FIFTEENTH century. The visor is reinforced and shaped to fit well and is comfortable to wear. Is adjusted by...
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Medieval sword model Bannockburn with a design based on the sword of scotland of the time. This design of the teachers espaderos of Windlass Steelcrafts has a sheet of steel of high carbon content. All fittings are of...
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Sword designed by George Patton in the 1910s (when he was still just a lieutenant), this sword is finely crafted, it was very common to see it in the saddle of a soldier. The blade is forged and tempered carbon steel....
Falcata Cobra model Steel with one of the best designs of the history. A must for lovers of outdoor activities. The blade of this Windlass Cobra Steel Falcata is of high-grade stainless steel X46Cr13 forged hand which...
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Sword viking, Leif Erikson, with a blade forged of steel with high contentido of carbon with a broad channel in the sheet. The pommel and the guard have been carved with dragons and marine knots intricate turning this...
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